You should do a blog. You know a natural living, crunchy mama type….because there aren’t enough of those.

I heard someone say this to me recently. Turns out they were in my head. Its probably a shame that I listened but we’ll see.

Why does there need to be yet another crunchy mama blog anyway? Because. That’s mostly why. Since I almost officially have a two year old, I will continue with a few more “becauses”…for practice.

Because it’s 2012 and there needs to be 3578854224678765324678 of these types of blogs by now, I heard. (I know what you’re thinking but it was from a different person. Same head though.)

Because I don’t have one and maybe I have something helpful to say….or just something to say…..or just something.

Because I don’t have enough to do already apparently.

That’s why.


One response to this post.

  1. Welp, I’ll be reading this fo.sho.


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