If you’re having a boy, have you thought about this?

Circumcision. This is one of those things that a lot of people just go ahead and do without thinking too much about it. We didn’t ask too many “why, really?” questions before making our partially informed decision. I’m very happy with our decision, but we were close to going the other route because we didn’t do enough research on it.

Therefore I wanted to share the best information I have found so far for anyone having a baby boy. This information is from a mom to be that found herself having a boy. She did a very good job researching the decision. She looked deeply into the reasons why “they” say it’s better to circumcise:

-better hygiene
-less chance for UTIs
-less chance for HIV/STDs
-needing to look like father/brother(s)
-less chance of penile cancer/HPV
-better to be done as an infant
-needing to fit in with his peers

It’s amazing what information you find when you ask questions and dig! To see her thorough findings, please go here. I also recommend reading some of the comments for some interesting perspectives.

Considering that “the majority of the males in the world are not circumcised. In fact, the United States is the only country to perform this procedure routinely for non-religious purposes.” (United States circumcision rates fell from 56% in 2006 to 32% in 2009. Bcheraoui, et al. 2010)
and that “there is not a single medical organization in the world who recommends circumcision- not even the American Academy of Pediatrics!”, this is worth looking into, right? Thats right, no national or international medical association recommends routine infant circumcision. For access to the actual position papers and guidelines of medical associations worldwide, go here.


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