Best EVER Mug Cake

Here is the first side of mush on Mostly Crunch. Well unless you count the Gentle Cesarean story, because that was a different kind of mush. This is in no way crunchy, natural, healthy or good for anything but your taste buds.

I confess that I am in love with sweets. Chocolate, dark chocolate particularly. Add in peanut butter and I’m done for. Done. For.

So a few weeks ago my friend told me she made this mug cake.  I immediately knew this was something I should not have ever been told. But what’s done is done. 😀  I made the recipe she had, it was tasty! But of course I had to go searching for all kinds of mug cake recipes to try. I tried a few and they were all good but none of them caused tastebudgasms…UNTIL… I was looking everywhere in the kitchen for something to eat literally last night and I saw some Dove Baking Mix. I thought, “Oh crap” but kept on looking for what I wanted to eat. I found something and ate it and then went right to work.

Dove Mug Cake

  1. 7 TBLSP Dove Baking Mix
  2. 2 TBLSP + 1 TSP Coconut Milk
  3. 1 TBLSP Coconut Oil

Mix that all together in a mug (or if you’re feeling fancy pants, a ramekin). Microwave for 1 minute. **This time will vary!!! In a mug I did 1 min 11 sec, in the ramekin I did 1 min** Try to let it cool a little before eating.

The goods:

Ok so it has coconut oil, that’s really good for you! (I’m suddenly hearing a little Bill Cosby Himself in my head….”Eggs! Eggs are in chocolate cake. And milk! Oh, goodie! And wheat! That’s nutrition!”)

Put 7 tablespoons of baking mix in the ramekin (or mug):

Add coconut milk:

Add magical coconut oil (it is magical! Have you read The Coconut Oil Miracle?? Do eet.):

Now, I was a little excited about having this cake again and I just kind of went as fast as I could while getting pics. Adding coconut oil on top of cold coconut milk might not be the best way to go since coconut oil solidifies as it cools. But the chunks would be fine!

Mix it all up right nice:

In case any inquiring minds want to know, that is a little glop of coconut oil on the right from my out of best order mixing. It’s fine just like that. Coconut oil is your friend.

Microwave it for about a minute, then try to let it cool before devouring. It is a dark, fluffy, luscious, moist- UH MAH GAH so moist, piece of heaven just waving and blowing kisses at you.

It fits PERFECTLY in a ramekin. We were meant to be this Dove Mug Cake and I.

I will be adding a dollop of peanut butter in the middle next time…and then passing out from the NOM NOM NOM! Maybe some dark chocolate chips too. Oh my.

One response to this post.

  1. *raises hand* ITS ME! I’m the bad friend. AND IM SORRY! I’m sorry I didn’t see the dove mix first.


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