Door to Door Organics


You cant even see everything. Those are shiitake mushrooms peeking out of that bag in the middle and some figs hidden in that container on the right. Plus some bread up top, a big ol’ loaf!

This was our first order with Door to Door Organics. I threw it all on the table as nicely as possible to take a picture before the sleeping babe woke up. He woke up right after I put the grass-fed beef away and everything sat there looking pretty and yummy until after my oldest woke up. When he saw the table he said “Wooooow!” So then I gave him bok choy and told him to say cheese!

He complied because he is QUITE a ham. So while I didn’t order cheese OR ham, there they are anyway. Bah dum bum! *crickets*

Anyway, my husband does the grocery shopping. I know right? He loves it. He says he is Italian from his stomach up (That’s why that grass-fed beef is there as well as the bread. Today is his birthday and I told him if he didn’t want any weird vegan thing that I was going to try out he better tell me what he wants for his birthday dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Italiano!) and Polish from his wallet down, so he likes to make sure he’s getting the most bang for his buck. It looks like he gave it his approval, which is cool because I like it mewcho. I like when things are delivered for me. “Ooooo! UPS guy is here! Mini-Christmas!” And I love food, so this is a two-fer.

This is a “medium box” and a couple extras from the store. The boxes come pre-picked but you can swap out up to 5 things. We’re going to stick with them for a few weeks and see how it works for us.  I noticed we can invite “x” amount of people per month to try it and if they do, they get 50% off their first order. Love that!

I like that this pushes me to meal plan. I like to meal plan but sometimes it doesn’t get done and then I’m sad in the kitchen. This will make me plan by Monday evening every week and then I will be happy in the kitchen, which will be good because I spend a lot of time in there.

I made a Kale & Crispy Bacon Salad with one of those bunches of kale you see. My mom found the recipe in some magazine and made it when she was over recently. I just took a picture of the finished product with my iPad so it’s not the best.

I will type up the recipe in a new post and take better pictures tomorrow since there’s still some left. Those kale bunches are HUGE!  Making Chow Mein tomorrow night with those mushrooms and that bok choy. Yummo!

Yay for organic food and all its healthfulness! And yay for it delivered right to my door! Yays all around, then!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds and looks delightful. I’ve been thinking of signing up for one of those programs as well and this inspired me. So true about the joy of getting a package!! Enjoy your box of goodies!


  2. That was a GREAT joke! *claps and claps* YAY for deliveries!


  3. so…how did this end up working out for you? Do you still use them?


    • We LOVE them! Haven’t stopped using them since! We basically don’t go to the store anymore. Holy time saver. And we aren’t tempted by all the other crap food we see at the store, which is an added bonus. It’s more expensive but we have next to no processed foods now in the house, so it kind of all balances out and we are healthier for it.


  4. […] whatever fruit you want! Apples seem to be a great base for them though. And if you happen to use Door to Door Organics and get the insanely cheap 10 pound box of “seconds” apples for $5.99 then this makes […]


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