A look back at what I have learned over the past few years (read: since having kids).

1) It’s worth it. As in, the pain and hard times….no matter what the issue is that’s brought it on. It took 4 months to have no pain nursing my first….I was planning on like 4 weeks. I just took it day by day and we made it 19 months. This is example 833586 of what happens when you don’t. give. up.

2) It turns out I’m not a huge pushover. It sure would have been easier to stop nursing when everyone else thought I should, or to start weaning him when everyone else thought I should… just let him have juice because some of our parents think he should have some, to just give him formula so our parents could watch him, to just do the “recommended” vaccines, to just use disposable diapers…. I don’t choose the harder, sometimes less understood, route because I like a challenge or to be different, I chose routes that happened to be more difficult in some cases but my soul knew it was the right thing for him and for us. Sticking to your guns and being happy with your choices is empowering and peaceful.

3) I have regrets after all. What a bummer. I always liked to say, “No regrets” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes we just make some really stupid choices that have some really awful consequences. Pre-parent? Yea, there’s too many to list. Since becoming a parent? Pfff! Probably just to the point where I could list them but by next year there will be too many. I think if we didn’t have regrets we wouldn’t be human. I have learned a really hard lesson over the past few years but from that has come the most wonderful moments of my life.

4) The dog hair will always be there, even if I literally just vacuumed.

(But it’s ok because how cute is he?)

5) I could have been a wife in the ’50s…just like I always thought. I’m very blessed to be able to stay home with the boys. I dig cooking and baking and making things from scratch that we grew up just buying. The cleaning, well, here’s a secret I never really shared with anyone, I do actually enjoy cleaning! Clean and organized is one of my things. Now some of you that know me might be saying, “Surely you jest” or “liar, liar, pants on fire” BUT it’s true! It’s just that some of my other things are more important to me right now. And also, I have a two year old. 😀

6) I can be a mom and still be a huge goofball, sometimes separately sometimes not. It’s nice to know that I still don’t have to be serious all the time….because if Serious were a class in school, I would get an F. Okay, okay, a D.

7) I don’t need much in the way of stuff. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything just for me….and all those things I had my eye on…meh. My favorites things aren’t things at all but times when my three guys are all home and all around me.

8) I can meet goals. I guess I didn’t realize I really do meet the ones that are truly important to me. Natural birth, CHECK! Nursing past 1 year, CHECK! Cloth diapers, CHECK! Organize the pantry, CHECK! Accept the Nobel Peace Prize, CHE-oh wait, no check, no check….yet! My current goal has been filled with way more obstacles than I anticipated but I will not give up.
20120921-164102.jpg (I’d like to thank the Academy.)

9) It’s hard to stay on top of things, but if you do it enough most things become habit and then it’s not as hard.

10) God is great….and He puts up with all of my crap. He truly is the best Dad ever.

11) I apparently traded something for my awesome spelling and grammar skills. I’m not sure what I got in return yet, but I am definitely thankful for autocorrect these days.

12) There IS such thing as magic, especially invisible magic elves who take some of my things into their little elven satchels for a few months then just put it right out for me to step on when they are done.
(in my head this is him…)

13) I still don’t have a clue! The amount of knowledge I have yet to gain is ridiculous, but I’m ready and staying open-minded!

14) You can share important, life-changing things you have learned with people in hopes of helping them but after that, there’s nothing else you can do. This was a particularly hard lesson.

15) I forget at the moment. I know I have learned more than 14 things over the past couple years. 😀

Anyway, that’s me WINNING! Well except for number number 15….

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