Antioxidants are your BFF

Let’s start by a simple explanation of antioxidants. They remove bad stuff from your body. Bad stuff that end up doing bad things to your body. More specifically, they are: A chemical compound or substance that inhibits oxidation.

So what’s this oxidation stuff? I thought oxygen was good! It still is…and with proper nutrition, the body can handle a normal amount of oxidation. The process of oxidation can produce particles called “free radicals” though. Free radicals in the body are basically incomplete molecules and atoms. They are tiny “incomplete” particles. They look for something to grab onto, so they grab the nearest particle to them and go all Jerry McGuire on it (“You complete me.” ….Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?…..*crickets*)

The problem lies with the “particle” that they just claimed completes them, because it is usually cells and tissue, which were doing perfectly fine before you invited yourself over, thankyouverymuch. They go on to cause deterioration of those cells and tissues.

This causes a “chain reaction” of deterioration because they “steal” a part from whole cells and tissues to complete themselves. Then those particles have to “steal” parts from other whole particles, cells and tissue. It goes on and on! These shenanigans end up causing rapid aging and disease. All because free radicals have abandonment issues. Not cool.

So you can see this nasty chain of events that just gets worse and worse. Unless of course you are eating right and taking are of yourself. This is much easier said than done, particularly if you have grown up in America, fast food nation. If you are eating your fruits and vegetables, every day…and not just an apple, we’re talking all those recommended servings, or if you are juicing daily then you should look pretty good inside! Fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants! YAY! Fruits and veggies to the rescue! Mom was right about eating those!

But what ARE antioxidants? They are our little super heroes is what they are! They counteract or neutralize free radicals and their destructive effects, by donating what the free radicals need to be “complete”. Three cheers for antioxidants!!


I mentioned that the body is designed to handle a certain amount of oxidation and free radical activity. The problem is, there are additional sources of free radicals in our environment these days. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, home cleaning products, personal care products and cigarette smoke are common sources of free radicals.

The current “standard American diet” consists of fast foods, heavy on fats, breads, sugars and fatty meats. These types of foods do not contain antioxidants in any beneficial amount. Combine that with an increasingly toxic, free radical-laden environment and we are a hot mess inside.

Begin self-promo!

The best way to get your antioxidants will always be through your diet. A diet of whole living foods. For those of us who have a hard time eating the recommended amount, you can add a safety net.

Monavie juice blends deliver the antioxidant capacity of 13 fruits and vegetables (even more so in the Mx blend, which is equal to about 20).

Can’t I just get some other antioxidant product? Of course! However, the acai berry is one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet and Monavie has 4 of the 4 patents on this berry. This means that other products with acai will not have the same potency as Monavie products. So while you can certainly try getting your antioxidants elsewhere, if using acai, you won’t be getting near as many.

Monavie has just come out with some exclusive technology that allows you to find out your antioxidant level. Simply by scanning your finger with reflection spectroscopy, you will get a real time indication of your antioxidant level. This will in turn show you how well you are fighting off that early onset of aging and disease!


I invite you to get scanned for FREE if you live in the following areas:

10/11—Holt, Michigan
10/13—Salt Lake City, Utah
10/15—Hartford, Connecticut
10/16—Washington, D.C.
10/17—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10/18—Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
10/19—Chicago, Illinois
10/22—Tulsa, Oklahoma
10/23—Portland, Oregon
10/24—Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho
10/25—Fargo, North Dakota

11/5—Naples, Florida
11/7—Tampa, Florida
11/8—Indianapolis, Indiana
11/8—Orlando, Florida
11/12—Hobbs, New Mexico
11/13—Houston, Texas
11/14—Austin, Texas
11/15—Dallas, Texas
11/19—West Palm Beach, Florida
11/26—Phoenix, Arizona
11/27—San Diego, California
11/28—Anaheim, California
11/29—San Francisco, California

12/3—Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
12/4—Murfreesboro, Tennessee
12/5—Boise, Idaho
12/6—Greenville, South Carolina

1/7—Vancouver, British Columbia
1/8—Anaheim, California

If you are interested in seeing your “life score”, let me know and I will give you the event details! This is for everyone! I even recommend that raw foodies get scanned so they can show people that it is possible to do this with the food you eat!

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