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New Year-ness

New new new! Next week is the new year yet it’s technically just another week. I could very easily start any “resolutions” today, or in 2 weeks…which is pretty much the plan. If you make resolutions but don’t keep them, just brush those “another failed resolution” comments and thoughts off. At least you tried and you want to try. And just because you fell off and didn’t keep a resolution PERFECTLY, don’t stop. Don’t fight your human-ness; be realistic but keep the optimism. Just shrug and get back on the resolution horse. the only way you can fail is if you don’t get back on.

I have quite a few “resolutions” this year. Some of which I will not be starting on Jan 1 because who says I have to? ๐Ÿ™‚ And also because I technically can’t yet, for various reasons. I will be spending this year tending to my Wellness Wheel I am going to go inward this year so that I can go outward, with purpose. My main focus will be on my family. Getting us organized, teaching my boys, growing with my husband in Christ, healing our bodies and learning learning learning. Breaking habits that aren’t beneficial along the way will be the cherry on top, or rather cherries!

I thank you for reading this past year and I hope you were inspired to do some research of your own!

I hope that you feel as motivated and optimistic about the new year as I do! And remember, this is literally true “Whether you believe/think you can or you can’t, you’re right” ~Henry Ford.


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Babies were killed. Are you ready to listen yet?

I am just another parent hit hard by yesterdays news. Just another blogger using this outlet in hopes to understand better. Just another mother looking for answers and begging others to consider some variables that are not necessarily mainstream. And here’s the deal, don’t even bother reading any further if you need proof of anything via scientific studies. That is coming from someone with science degrees, too. I love science, when used correctly, which is very often NOT the case since we are dealing with fallible, ego-sensitive humans conducting the research.

I see a ton of “gun control gun control gun control” after this tragedy. I can’t imagine anyone would argue that there isn’t more death when a gun, particularly assault weapon, is involved in a crime. They certainly can and have caused more death. A perfect example is some of yesterday’s news, the children in Newton and the children in Changping, Bejing China. All of the 22 Chinese children survived. They survived; their youth was ripped out of their little hands forever as they now live with and try to cope with the memories of being stabbed by a lunatic, but they survived. If their parents aren’t on top of things, it is impossible to say what will brew inside them as they grow up. The empty look on this poor child’s face speaks volumes.

Stabbings still cause death, though, again we look at the recent string of stabbings in China, where the worst incident involved the stabbing deaths of 8 children (see same article). Thank goodness it wasn’t a gun, more would be dead. Very likely yes. Although I don’t think the parents of those 8 children really care about that fact. A crazy person with a knife killed their children, not a gun. So what’s the answer there? No knives? Ok. And what about people killed by bombs? No bombs? What about those beaten to death? Psychotic people will find away to harm and kill, they will work with what they have. Plus more guns doesn’t automatically mean more deaths anyway. Kennesaw, GA is a case in point. Taking the gun variable out of the equation will not SOLVE this problem. It will not STOP innocent people from being killed. Nothing will ever stop people from being killed, this is simple reality. What about people killed in home invasions? If they had a gun they could have defended themselves. (“if there was a gun ban, the invader wouldn’t have a gun”. Here’s the thing, only law abiding citizens care about laws. Criminals will still get their hands on guns!) Would we exchange these casualties for those in school shootings? Can you say that to the face of those who have lost loved ones from a home invasion? I cannot. However, I also cannot say to these children’s parents that we will exchange school shootings for having a gun to defend ourselves. There SO many other things to cite both for and against gun control. This gun issue is absolutely not black and white.

I also see posts about needing more connected parents, more love, pay more attention to your kids, etc. Again, there is so much truth there. Even though we do not truly know what this boys life was like. Some answers likely died with he and his mother. Inner demons are not normally worn on the outside. Still, how could more love NOT help? For crying out loud it is the most important commandment Jesus, the single most influential person that has ever walked on this planet, speaks of. Love one another. Especially your children. I have no doubt this mother loved her son though. I am willing to bet that she even loved him with the fierce love that a mother has for a non-neurotypical child, as we are learning from his brother that he had a spectrum disorder and a personality disorder. Less TV and Internet for everyone, more 3D family time and books can only help….after all, how could more connectedness not help

But here we are again, another shooting by another mentally ill person. And in my opinion, the worst one in my lifetime. He was only 20 years old. And he shot and killed elementary school children. This was a very young man who killed babies. In small town America. And this isn’t even the worst part of this whole thing. This will happen again. Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. Why?!?

How could this have happened? How could anyone be so disturbed to shoot his own mother in the face and then go gun down small children??

Is it really possible that so many people are still not considering chemicals to be the root cause of this epidemic?? Or even considering them as something to INVESTIGATE? Every shooting… it’s always the same story! Chemicals. Unsafe psychotropic medications (not to mention toxic vaccines and our chemically saturated environment and “FOODS” that just compound the issue) are always involved.

20121215-145251.jpg The evidence is everywhere, when will people SEE this? Watch Making a Killing about all these drugs- all these pills we are giving our children and ourselves. Watch “Food Matters” and learn about people treated for depression with megadoses of vitamins, and long walks.

Read the labels and side effects of these medications that are given out like candy. RAGE, PSYCHOSIS, VOICES, VIOLENT OUTBURSTS. DO THE RESEARCH into what the chemicals in these drugs, vaccines and processed food even IS, let alone DOES to the human body. Doing the research doesn’t mean taking an afternoon and looking some things up either! I’ve been learning for the past 12 YEARS and believe it or not the majority of it has come over the past 7 months, and I’m no where near done! Sounds like a pain? Too much time to give up? These are our children. They are falling into madness and doing unspeakable things, yet SO MANY parents don’t know EXACTLY what they just allowed to be injected into their kids, or even allowed them to ingest. What is the point of chemicals in FOOD?? To make things last longer and be easier/quicker to make? This is a trade-off we are willing to make?? Do you know there is a well-documented connection between nutrition (or rather, lack there of) and mental illness? Have you looked into exactly how that boxed cereal is made? Watch the recent congressional hearings about autism and look at the frustration of the congressmen and woman and the parents as the CDC spokesperson gives non answer after non answer, even after they show a VIDEO, plain as day, of mercury affecting brain cells.

Getting individuals better care apparently isn’t an option in this country as is painfully clear from this mom of a 13 year old with mental illness, who was told the only thing she could really do was have him charged with something to create a paper trail. This government and healthcare system….well, I don’t even have words anymore. You will not get REAL help, true healing for anything, from this government. They do not care. If they did then the FDA would have stopped Monsanto long ago (just to name one of countless examples).

And here is where I beg. I have had enough of this. Will everyone else have had enough after yesterday too? Will this be the tragedy that finally causes parents to stop and think and question the hell out of everything? Or will everyone talk about how sad it was for a few weeks, hug their kids a little tighter for a few weeks and then resume life as usual….only to be outraged when it happens again? PLEASE. PLEASE think about these things. PLEASE ask questions. PLEASE stop this insanity. You cannot poison generations with mercury and chemically altered foods and expect everything to come up daisies. There’s SO MUCH MORE I didn’t even mention, like pathogens and parasites, and no, not the kind you can vaccinate against.

When will everyone WAKE UP!?!?

And here’s another, probably better way of putting it

*Update: it has been brought to my attention that this article might be read by some as blaming drugs for every bad thing that happened and even more so blaming people on drugs for every bad thing that happens. I would like to first if all clear that up as I do not believe that. I am not anti-every drug ever made for use of any kind ever. The point of this post is to bring awareness to a REAL problem, not to blame someone for being on anti-depressants. While I have never been on drugs for a mental illness, I do have family and friends that currently are.
Also, a reminder that I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. This is a blog, where I try to bring things to people’s attention for them to think about and do their own research, even if it brings them to different conclusions!

My kids make me crazy

Not like you think. Ok yea, when Number One asks me 236753576336 times what I’m doing and then switches it up to ask me 34645 times if I’m doing what I just told him…sometimes I develop a twitch. But that’s not the kind of crazy I’m talking about.

Here’s some examples that lead to crazy moms everywhere:

“PLEASE just sleep, close your eyes and rest because if you don’t then I will worry you aren’t getting enough sleep, go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep………………he’s still sleeping, it’s getting late, wake up wake up wake up”

“It will be nice when he isn’t nursing so often, so I can get more done………….omgosh, I’m going to miss nursing so much, I don’t want this time to end”

“I need a break, girls night out……………I MISS MY BOYS!”

“Eat up buddy! You want more? Yes! More chicken? More broccoli? Yes! …………………don’t eat too much now, that’s a TON of food for a little guy, no seriously, can his stomach explode?”

“it will be nice when he can sit up on his own since he always wants to sit up……………………..i don’t want him to sit up yet! Didn’t I JUST have him?”

“here take this binky…………….I wonder when I should take the binkys away”

“I can’t wait to hear him talk…………………….please just say no words for two minutes”

You see?? It’s a constant battle of opposite wants and needs. That will cause insanity.

I know you people have others ๐Ÿ˜€