New Year-ness

New new new! Next week is the new year yet it’s technically just another week. I could very easily start any “resolutions” today, or in 2 weeks…which is pretty much the plan. If you make resolutions but don’t keep them, just brush those “another failed resolution” comments and thoughts off. At least you tried and you want to try. And just because you fell off and didn’t keep a resolution PERFECTLY, don’t stop. Don’t fight your human-ness; be realistic but keep the optimism. Just shrug and get back on the resolution horse. the only way you can fail is if you don’t get back on.

I have quite a few “resolutions” this year. Some of which I will not be starting on Jan 1 because who says I have to? 🙂 And also because I technically can’t yet, for various reasons. I will be spending this year tending to my Wellness Wheel I am going to go inward this year so that I can go outward, with purpose. My main focus will be on my family. Getting us organized, teaching my boys, growing with my husband in Christ, healing our bodies and learning learning learning. Breaking habits that aren’t beneficial along the way will be the cherry on top, or rather cherries!

I thank you for reading this past year and I hope you were inspired to do some research of your own!

I hope that you feel as motivated and optimistic about the new year as I do! And remember, this is literally true “Whether you believe/think you can or you can’t, you’re right” ~Henry Ford.


P.S. If anyone is interested in keeping up with natural living/health information, please join us at my “Natural Living” group on FB. 🙂

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