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A sorely neglected topic: Parasites (NOT healthy gut flora)

Well, we’re getting to the good stuff (read: completely disgusting) now!

There are quite a few things that are neglected in the medical field, nutrition and a REAL discussion between patient and doctor WITH vaccine inserts in hand just to name a couple. Dr. Simon Yu is one of a few experts in this additional area of neglect: parasites.

In an article on Dr. Yu’s website he states, “Few people recognize that parasites not only cause diarrhea, bloody stool or abdominal cramps but also have been associated with a whole list of symptoms, such as anorexia, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, constipation, food allergies, gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, low back pain, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, headaches, rash, rectal itching, weight loss and weight gain, and many more.”

He wrote a book called “The Accidental Cure” that is worth checking out if you suspect you have parasites.

In another article he says “In this modern age, do you think parasite problems are limited to third world countries and don’t exist in the United States, Canada or Europe? Think again! Who does the cooking and cleaning of dishes at restaurants? Food from all over the world comes with no strict regulations for pesticides, herbicides and potential parasite eggs embedded in the food.”

belly ache

You might STILL be thinking there’s no way you have parasites. I’m not here to say you do or you don’t. I’m not here to scare you into thinking everyone on earth has parasites. I’m here to say that this is something you should consider if: you have made many changes to your diet and lifestyle and STILL have unresolved issues, you have an autoimmune disease, you have chronic G.I. issues, you live with (particularly sleep with) pets or if you have worked directly with animals on a regular basis.

Another expert in this field, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, shares some very interesting information about how parasites drive our cravings (did someone say SUGAAAAR??) and so much more here. It’s a long read but worth it.

And one last thing to think about. This is actually something that came up when I went to see a traditional Chinese medical practitioner. The topic of parasites never came up but this idea of making a problem worse with things that you think are helping (vitamins, supplements) DID come up. And it is quite often the same with parasites. We are often FEEDING the parasites when we take a supplement for something we are deficient in. It’s best to look into WHY we are deficient first and that often comes back to a parasite issue. It’s always best to dig dig and keep on digging for WHY something is happening, rather than just treat the symptom. When we keep digging we eventually find the answers we need.

Additional reading from more experts:
Dr. Leo Galland
Dr. Andreas Kalcker
Dr. Steven Fry


Tip of the Week (2/25/13): Lime Deodorant!


I’m not talking about lime scented or lime infused deodorant. I’m talking about slicing a lime in half and slapping it on your pits. Let it dry and done.

Try it.

It works; it’s crazy!

It doesn’t stop sweat but it stops sweat from smelling. So it might not be the best deodorant for professionals, it works like a charm here at home!

Bills to Label Genetically Engineered Foods Introduced in Illinois and Iowa (via Occupy Monsanto)

Bills to Label Genetically Engineered Foods Introduced in Illinois and Iowa (via

Published by PRWatch.orgby Rebekah Wilce Bills were introduced in the Iowa and Illinois state senates last week that would require genetically engineered (GE) foods to be labeled. Iowa’s bill would require labeling if a food contains more than nine-tenths of a percent GE ingredients, whereas Illinois…

Thanks for the diapers, Jess! {Honest Company Diaper Review}

Our first son was cloth diapered 90% of the time. I LOVED it! I loved making my diaper “stash” and especially enjoyed getting “fluffy mail” when I would order another one or two to the stash. I would hang them on the line outside to dry. It felt so good ya know? Leaving such a small footprint on the earth and all…

Then our second son arrived.

He is 9 months old and has yet to wear a cloth diaper. DOH! Crunchy mutha FAIL! Ah well. I beat myself up over plenty of other things, so I’m going to just let this one go. Besides, we are happy with our compromise from Jessica Alba.

There is a tie for why I love them.
1) They are “healthier” diapers and earth-friendly
1) They are automatically shipped to my front door
2) CUTE designs!
3) Even the inside of the delivery box is cute for crying out loud
4) If you recommend them to a friend and the friend gives them a whirl, you get a $20 credit! How nice!!
5) No leaks! Ok, occasional leaks with the 2 year old and only overnight.

The hubbs had been running to get diapers when I said we were low (read:out) and having them just come right to us every month is really quite fab.

We do have to weigh the boys in each month to see where they need a different size, but somehow that seems like a fair trade.

If you want to give them a try, we would LOVE if you used this invitation:

Happy diapering!

A Look at What Started it All

I think I was just out of high school when I was asked by Dr. Becker to help her get some things ready for a dog she was finishing up an appointment with. “Don’t touch them with your fingers, because that can alter the potency,” she said as she handed me the homeopathic remedy. “Whaaaaa?” I thought. 😀 And the rest is history really.

Homeopathic remedy

But I won’t keep you hanging like that. Ha! I never stopped asking her questions from that point on and when she opened her own practice I was sure to ask if she needed any help. I moved on from receptionist to veterinary technician (trained on the job by one of my favorite co-workers of all time, Kristy. Long live Jean Luc!) and I really loved it!

She saw EVERYTHING, even Bubba the alligator (who got me an 8 second spot on Animal Planet!). Dogs cats, exotics and wildlife. So many crazy, fun, interesting things happened at that clinic. I was there the summer that the West Nile Virus almost wiped out all of the crows. There were so many red tailed hawks and barred owls that we almost ran out of room. We had someone bring in a cardboard box with an injured fox. I brought it to the back and we opened it and couldn’t get that box closed fast enough because it was actually a COYOTE. I also remember a very sick Dalmatian that started to crash and then she stuck an acupuncture needle on his nose to help bring him back. And my first ever chiropractic adjustment was performed there by the chiropractor who came in to adjust the animals….fitting that that was my first adjustment, really. 😀

Now that I made a right turn off of Memory Lane though, we can have a peek at the newspaper article mostly about Dr. Becker and a tiny bit about yours truly.

Taking a Holistic Approach by Denise Unland

Tip of the Week (2/18/13): Use Castile Soap in Shower as First Step to Daily Detox

One of the best places (and cheapest) to start with detoxing/cleansing is with the soap you use. Our skin is our largest organ and most soaps leave something behind. Even the slightest of residue can prohibit our skin from functioning to its fullest, including daily detoxing.


Kinda looks like cheese here :D

It is a TRUE soap, not a chemical detergent and it’s made from 100% plant oils. It is completely biodegradable and extremely earth-friendly. *cheers*

Not only will this soap get you clean and leave your skin to breathe and detox as it was meant to, castile soap can be used for plenty of other things like Shampoo You can ditch the unpronounceable ingredient-laden shampoo and use castile soap! Use a liquid castile soap and water mixture at a ratio of 1:3.

Stay tuned for more tips on castile soap uses!

“Get to Know Cholesterol” with Dr. Bob Demaria

If you have high cholesterol, watch this video for a FANTASTIC place to start on your journey to lowering your cholesterol NATURALLY. If you haven’t had your levels checked and you consume a lot of grains and refined sugars, odds are your levels are high.

Cholesterol isn’t good OR bad, it’s actually beneficial and if your levels are high it simply means you have inflammation in your body. Find the cause of inflammation (almost always SUGAR!) and lower your cholesterol without drugs. This is just another instance of an insanely simple idea (find the cause and eliminate it) bringing millions of people to better health.

Watch here: Get to Know Cholesterol