Tip of the Week (2/18/13): Use Castile Soap in Shower as First Step to Daily Detox

One of the best places (and cheapest) to start with detoxing/cleansing is with the soap you use. Our skin is our largest organ and most soaps leave something behind. Even the slightest of residue can prohibit our skin from functioning to its fullest, including daily detoxing.


Kinda looks like cheese here :D

It is a TRUE soap, not a chemical detergent and it’s made from 100% plant oils. It is completely biodegradable and extremely earth-friendly. *cheers*

Not only will this soap get you clean and leave your skin to breathe and detox as it was meant to, castile soap can be used for plenty of other things like Shampoo You can ditch the unpronounceable ingredient-laden shampoo and use castile soap! Use a liquid castile soap and water mixture at a ratio of 1:3.

Stay tuned for more tips on castile soap uses!

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