A Look at What Started it All

I think I was just out of high school when I was asked by Dr. Becker to help her get some things ready for a dog she was finishing up an appointment with. “Don’t touch them with your fingers, because that can alter the potency,” she said as she handed me the homeopathic remedy. “Whaaaaa?” I thought. 😀 And the rest is history really.

Homeopathic remedy

But I won’t keep you hanging like that. Ha! I never stopped asking her questions from that point on and when she opened her own practice I was sure to ask if she needed any help. I moved on from receptionist to veterinary technician (trained on the job by one of my favorite co-workers of all time, Kristy. Long live Jean Luc!) and I really loved it!

She saw EVERYTHING, even Bubba the alligator (who got me an 8 second spot on Animal Planet!). Dogs cats, exotics and wildlife. So many crazy, fun, interesting things happened at that clinic. I was there the summer that the West Nile Virus almost wiped out all of the crows. There were so many red tailed hawks and barred owls that we almost ran out of room. We had someone bring in a cardboard box with an injured fox. I brought it to the back and we opened it and couldn’t get that box closed fast enough because it was actually a COYOTE. I also remember a very sick Dalmatian that started to crash and then she stuck an acupuncture needle on his nose to help bring him back. And my first ever chiropractic adjustment was performed there by the chiropractor who came in to adjust the animals….fitting that that was my first adjustment, really. 😀

Now that I made a right turn off of Memory Lane though, we can have a peek at the newspaper article mostly about Dr. Becker and a tiny bit about yours truly.

Taking a Holistic Approach by Denise Unland

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