Thanks for the diapers, Jess! {Honest Company Diaper Review}

Our first son was cloth diapered 90% of the time. I LOVED it! I loved making my diaper “stash” and especially enjoyed getting “fluffy mail” when I would order another one or two to the stash. I would hang them on the line outside to dry. It felt so good ya know? Leaving such a small footprint on the earth and all…

Then our second son arrived.

He is 9 months old and has yet to wear a cloth diaper. DOH! Crunchy mutha FAIL! Ah well. I beat myself up over plenty of other things, so I’m going to just let this one go. Besides, we are happy with our compromise from Jessica Alba.

There is a tie for why I love them.
1) They are “healthier” diapers and earth-friendly
1) They are automatically shipped to my front door
2) CUTE designs!
3) Even the inside of the delivery box is cute for crying out loud
4) If you recommend them to a friend and the friend gives them a whirl, you get a $20 credit! How nice!!
5) No leaks! Ok, occasional leaks with the 2 year old and only overnight.

The hubbs had been running to get diapers when I said we were low (read:out) and having them just come right to us every month is really quite fab.

We do have to weigh the boys in each month to see where they need a different size, but somehow that seems like a fair trade.

If you want to give them a try, we would LOVE if you used this invitation:

Happy diapering!

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