Sovereign Silver Hydrosol – A Natural Medicine Cabinet “Must Have”

Colloidal silver. Not just any kind of colloidal silver, this one won’t turn you blue. So you got that going for you…which is nice.

No seriously though, let’s back track a bit. There are some people who took colloidal silver and turned blue/silver (argyria). Oh and they can’t be treated for it…they will be blue forever. Those two little sentences are the types of things that conventional medicine or skeptics and know-it-alls will say in an effort to appear educated on the subject or to use as a scare tactic (I need to make an entire blogpost on scare tactics methinks).

An amazing thing happens when your mind is open and you KEEP READING/RESEARCHING things. You will learn that most of those people were making their own silver (improperly) and drinking a ton of it. Other cases can be traced to MEDICATION FROM CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS years ago. (Real shocker, I know.)

Sovereign Silver Hydrosol is THE ONLY silver I will take for myself and give to my family. The uses are almost endless, but here’s a few:

  • immune booster
  • antibiotic
  • antiviral

I have a friend who treated her autoimmune disease with it. Literally.

The best places to buy it are Vitacost or Amazon, where you can get free shipping.

For more great information on Sovereign Silver Hydrosol visit Natural News:

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