Homemade Dehydrator Fruit Roll Ups

Easiest things ever.


Strawberry Apple Fruit Rollups

3 apples
3-4 strawberries
juice of half of a lime
(splash of water to get blender going)

1. Peel, core and chop apples.
2. Add everything to blender.
4. Pour and spread evenly on dehydrator fruit roll up tray.
5. Dehydrate on Fruit setting until done. Seems to be about 8 hours, but I start checking in around hour 6.
6. Peel off and eat. Or if you have the will power, cut into preferred size and store them for a couple weeks at least, but they don’t last more than a couple days around here!

When we don’t snarf up all the strawberries the second they are ready, I like to add more to the Rollups but I usually have to hide the few I plan to use for these. Obviously you can add whatever fruit you want! Apples seem to be a great base for them though. And if you happen to use Door to Door Organics and get the insanely cheap 10 pound box of “seconds” apples for $5.99 then this makes for some super cheap, crap-free rollups! Three cheers for crap-free food!




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