Be Careful With Agave

I fell for it too. “Agave! All natural sweetener!” We bought it, and it was expensive. Doh! Meh. Live and learn.


You might want to pass on the agave, as it turns out. Go figure. Most is worse than HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and even worse than the artificial sweeteners, if you can believe that. Crazy!


Well, as with SO many things that food companies get their dirty paws on, they take something found in nature (agave plant) then process and refine it until it is nothing like what is found in nature. Yet since the beginning product is found in nature they say the end product is “all-natural.” For shame.

Depending on how it’s processed, some are worse than others. When processed in the “best” way (the lesser of two evils way, really) it contains as little as 55% fructose…which is no better than HFCS. The worst? 70-97%!!


Dr. Mercola has a great article highlighting so much more on this issue. Including explaining what the big deal is about fructose. I highly recommend reading it here

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  1. Nice to see the awareness is happening & the truth about agave is coming out! Thanks for posting this 🙂


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