Mostly Crunch blog has moved! Well kind of…

Apparently I never posted that I moved over to Blogger. Whewps!

This blog will remain here for all time, but I am now posting over at via Blogger! I would really really appreciate it if any interested current subscribers took a stroll over there at their leisure and subscribed to that blog. Pretty please?


Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been doing in the mean time..

Due to have baby #3 in July! Eeeeep!

I turned 37. When the?? What the?? How the??

Tried to deactivate my FB account for a much needed break but everything helpful I ever shared disappeared as well and, well, it turns out people actually look and what I post and find it useful! That’s pretty exciting! So I reactivated and just logged off and am relying on sheer will power to stay away. Though all one has to do is log back in to reactivate anyway, so what’s the difference? None really. So silly.

My oldest is potty training like a complete ROCK STAR. Had his first accident on day 3. Uhhh, I’ll take that!

Is freezing. It’s been an extra cold and snowy winter. I’m happy January is almost over and we have one more crappy month to go.

I start a 4-5 month online homeopathy class tomorrow! Oh my excited!

I’m going to be a guest blogger on Little Owl Crunchy Mama’s “Who’s your crunchy mama?” guest post series! Stay tuned to for the link to that!

Hope all is well!

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