The what and why of adaptogenic herbs

I’m so sorry. No really. I really am trying to balance this SAHM of 2 and blog thing. I shared some information on my FB fan page but not here. For shame. 😦 I miss my WordPress friends and this is how I treat you? I will make it up to you soon! With my very own giveaway!

For now I want to share this video that I made about a special group of herbs called adaptogens and what they mean for your body. If you have chronic fatigue and a foggy brain and even thyroid issues then these herbs are of particular interest to you!



Trades of Hope Giveaway! {Only a few days left to enter!}

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Turmeric Roasted Carrots Recipe

I’m still around! Anyone miss me?

My youngest has been crawling all over everywhere and as of a couple weeks ago he’s walking all over whatever he couldn’t get to before. Oh and he’s a climber. On all the rest if everything. He’s a monkey. And there’s my summary of where I’ve been lately.

I wanted to share one of my most favorite recipes. I could just eat these for dinner with nothing else. Aside from tasting so great they are amazingly good for you because turmeric is a wonder herb!

Recipe here!


Homemade Sesame Crackers? Indeedy!

Paleo crackers, too! And while I was typing up the recipe to share, I thought of a variation of this that I just HAVE to make. BUT. Our oven is dead! Noooo! So now you have to wait for my brainchild cracker recipe and I have to wait to try and make them to even see if they will be good enough to share. Doh!

In the mean time, here‘s an easy peasy cracker recipe! No grains! Yay, so no lectin tearing holes in your guts, wheeeee!



Redefining Impossible: Check Out This Inspirational Story

This is an AMAZING story of Arthur, the disabled veteran, who heard from just about everyone that he should just accept his current condition as his permanent future. He did not listen to them and completely changed his life….with yoga! Read more here.


Homemade Cinnamon Extract Recipe (and its blood sugar benefits!)

A simple thing like adding a few drops of cinnamon extract to your water throughout the day could very well help balance your blood sugar levels and in turn help you shed the fat! Go cinnamon! Read more here.


My First Real Work At Home Success Story

A week into this and I already have a couple mini-success stories to share! I finally found my gig!

With the training and tools Dan Miller provides, ANYONE can do this! Yes even you! Dare I say that it’s even easy?! I do dare!

I made my money back in a week and got a couple top spots on Google! Read more here.