Recommended Documentaries

I am down to watching one thing on television, ever since my favorite show “Fringe” went off the air. (There’s my geek again.) I prefer to watch documentaries on health and food. There are quite a few, but each one somehow touches on something not found in the others. So you hear some things over and over, which is a nice bonus since that helps retain the information, but there’s always at least one thing new. A new piece of amazing truth. Therein lies my love of documentaries.

I find it annoying to say the least that we have to dig for truth in this country, but, in one of my less eloquent conclusions, “whatever.” it is what it is. There are countless documentaries on food, medicine, healing and health. I wanted to highlight, for now, a top 10.

1) Food Matters
2) Food, Inc.
3) Genetic Roulette
4) Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
5) Farmageddon
6) The Greater Good
7) The Beautiful Truth
8) Dirt
9) Ingredients
10) Forks Over Knives (even though they don’t touch on one extremely important fact that I will get into at a later date)

I urge you to take the time to watch these and begin to take your health and your food into your hands. Realize the power you have to see things change, because if you have a heart you will be moved by the information you learn. You will be very frustrated but you will learn there is always an answer, and a way. In most cases these answers aren’t easy in the 21st Century American sense, but they are worthwhile pursuits. Arguably, the best pursuits, considering it’s our health we are talking about.

I know people who don’t want to watch or read anything because they want to stay in “ignorant bliss”. Even after essentially accidentally learning some disturbing news about “they way things are”, some still decide to just roll over and continue on as they were. I will NEVER understand that and it makes me very sad for them. It especially makes me sad for their kids. Knowledge is power. Life changing power.

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