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Documentary Review Series: Food Matters

Over this Lenten season, I am giving up Facebook entirely and hitting my list of must see/read documentaries and books. Since I am a total geek and take notes when I watch documentaries, I decided I would just turn my notes into documentary reviews. Easy peasy.

So here we go!

FOOD MATTERS. This is one of my favorite documentaries. From the compelling and jaw dropping statistics throughout to the charismatic tell-it-like-it-is Dr. Andrew W. Saul, I was practically on the edge of my seat the whole time. The second I heard Dr. Saul say that he teaches a class called “Forgotten Research in Medicine” I wished I could take it. (An online class perhaps, Dr. Saul? No seriously, PLEASE??)

There are THOUSANDS of studies showing that high doses of nutrients cure disease. Yes, CURE. Where are these studies?? They are in journals that have been blacklisted by the government. The US National Library of Medicine refuses to index them. This is the “forgotten research”.

Here’s some fun facts from the film:
-Spirulina has the highest (complete) protein content of any food in the world, and it’s completely absorbable
-Two handfuls of cashews (niacin) are just as effective as Prozac
-Megadoses of Vitamin C can cure cancer
-Drug companies can market a drug after doing 2 clinical trials where the drug is more effective than the placebo. HERE’S THE KICKER: They can have countless other studies where the results are the opposite, but as long as they have their 2 showing the “right” results, they get their license to market the new drug.
-A cancer survivor is a person who has undergone conventional treatment and been diagnosed as cancer free for 5 consecutive years. This means that if the cancer comes back after year 5 and the person ends up succumbing to the cancer, they died a cancer survivor. Whatthe??
-It’s ILLEGAL to treat cancer with nutritional therapy in most countries. (HOLY CRAP!! My brain is exploding all over again) Doctors “have” to treat with: 1) chemotherapy (which causes cancer), 2) radiation (which causes cancer) and 3) surgery.

Ever wonder why you hear that vitamins do help on the news and then a few weeks later they don’t, then they do then they don’t…? What gives? Those are all low dose vitamin studies. Mega dose studies, well those are the ones we can’t get our hands on.

You might be thinking, “If this were true, my doctor would know.” That’s a myth. A big fat smelly myth. That might be the craziest thing of all. Who would have thought that the professionals we go to and trust our health and our children’s health with would not or could not know some of this!!! The public is literally catching on to this stuff before traditional medical professionals!

I will leave you with some mind-blowing numbers.

Each year:
39,000 people die from unnecessary surgery and hospital error
80,000 people die from other hospital-caused infections
106,000 people die from adverse drug reactions
That’s 225,000 per year!
Over 600 PER DAY….UNNECESSARY deaths
(that made certain entities A LOT of money beforehand.)

Look how successful Western medicine is at treating these leading causes of death:
Each year 652,486 people die from heart disease and 553,888 die from cancer.
Over a million people per year succumb to UNSUCCESSFUL Western medicine.

This is absurd and infuriating. That is a Disease Care System NOT a Health Care System. And then you have doctors saying that taking too many vitamins can be bad. Really? There have been 10 ALLEGED deaths from vitamins in 23 years.

The contributing doctors in this documentary educate viewers on choices they may not have known they had in an effort to bring the control back to the individual. You really are your best doctor!

“Good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars” says my favorite Dr. Saul. And therein lies the rub.

Documentary-a-thon Weekend

I am a pretty health conscious person I would say. However, somehow it has taken me quite some time to watch some excellent and life changing documentaries.

Anyone who knows me knows I like to research pretty much everything. Not only do I like it, but it’s almost a compulsion I have. Which I wish I didn’t have at times. Knowledge IS power….but it can also make a person nuts (see I Might Have to Have a What Now?). At any rate, we started a free trial of Netflix to watch through our Wii and I was finally able to watch Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc….then Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Food Matters.

With eyes as big as saucers and the wheels spinning in my head, I told my husband he had to watch them as well. Netflix said, “Oh you like those? Here then watch these” So I added about a dozen more to our queue and my husband has watched more of them than I have! So I will be using my free month of Netflix to be an information geek and I’m quite excited.

Let me sum up the four that I watched so far.

Forks Over Knives: Animal protein turns on cancer. Also, I would love to sit and talk to Dr. Campbell and Dr. Essyngton for days and days.


Food, Inc.: I’m not sure how Monsanto, Tyson and Perdue sleep at night. It also brought to my attention that I have become out of sight out of mind about my meat. If I have any meat anymore it has to be from local farm raised free range animals.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: It really is time to just get a juicer already. I was also shocked at the life expectancy those people gave themselves. They know what they eat isn’t helping their health but they either can’t stop or can’t afford to stop and it’s really sad.


Food Matters: Whole food plant based diets cure damn near anything. Non-hodgkins lymphoma gone in a matter of weeks?? The facts and numbers shared in this one were jaw-dropping. 6% of medical doctors have any formal training in nutrition. The number of uneccesary deaths from uneccesary surgeries and medications is sickening. Why does the Hippocratic Oath even exist anymore? It should be the Hypocritic Oath.


I watched these while nursing our newborn and listening to my husband with our pole vaulting from the crib two year old, so I would like to watch them again when I can focus 100%. That might not be until 2022 though, so I guess I’m happy that I absorbed what I did.

If you haven’t watched them yet, I implore you to do so ASAP. Remember that you do have a choice about what you eat and about what happens to your health. The power is in YOUR hands.