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Grains! Here we go…

Well I did it, I posted about grains. There’s so much to say about it that I am breaking it up into 3 parts! Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here.


“Get to Know Cholesterol” with Dr. Bob Demaria

If you have high cholesterol, watch this video for a FANTASTIC place to start on your journey to lowering your cholesterol NATURALLY. If you haven’t had your levels checked and you consume a lot of grains and refined sugars, odds are your levels are high.

Cholesterol isn’t good OR bad, it’s actually beneficial and if your levels are high it simply means you have inflammation in your body. Find the cause of inflammation (almost always SUGAR!) and lower your cholesterol without drugs. This is just another instance of an insanely simple idea (find the cause and eliminate it) bringing millions of people to better health.

Watch here: Get to Know Cholesterol