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My First Real Work At Home Success Story

A week into this and I already have a couple mini-success stories to share! I finally found my gig!

With the training and tools Dan Miller provides, ANYONE can do this! Yes even you! Dare I say that it’s even easy?! I do dare!

I made my money back in a week and got a couple top spots on Google! Read more here.



Bloggers and Thinking About Blogging-ers

Is it lame that I make up words? Probably. I’m forever about 14 years old though, sometimes 12, so…it is what it is.

I have essentially switched my blogging platform from this here WordPress, that doesn’t allow ads, to Level One Network that allows ads and offers about 64729274 things WordPress doesn’t. Ok well, it’s not that many things but it’s a lot.

The best thing about it is the training that Dan Miller, Internet marketer and programmer extraordinaire, provides. It is priceless. This is a man who finds everything about Internet marketing and article writing a complete and total breeze. And he is training us with everything he knows! After every session someone says, “I have been through a lot of training/paid for a lot of training and I have never been taught this.”

So for anyone who thinks they “got it” when it comes to blogging, I invite you to open up to the possibility that there is more to learn. Unless of course you are already a poor turned multimillionaire blogger like Dan, then never mind.

In one masters training session with him I have the cheat sheet for ranking on the top with so-called “saturated” niches. You just have to know how to work it! Very much looking forward to everything else he shares and watching my posts climb the ranks!


I highly recommend this for anyone who:
Wants to earn extra income (whether you already blog or not)
Wants to learn how to fully monetize your blog
Wants to learn exactly how to promote your business using the Internet
Simply wants to write!
Uses YouTube on your blog (there is a video network)
Wants to make videos to get your business or yourself OUT THERE

More info here!

P.S. I made my money back in a week!

Level One Network: Let’s Do This, Bloggers!

If you aren’t getting the results you would like for your blogging efforts, have a 5 min peek here about some major help in that area. It’s also worth looking at if you quite simply love to blog and wouldn’t mind someone paying you to do it. If you’re already blogging then why not do it where you will get some awesome fringe benefits?

You can still blog about whatever your little heart desires…planes, trains, automobiles…that absolutely hilarious scene where they are driving the wrong way on the expressway. HA! Love that movie!

If you never blogged a day in your life, don’t fret, the training is so detailed you will be a regular in no time! Easy peasy lemon squeazy!


This is a ground floor opportunity, by the way. Like getting in on Empower Network at the beginning without all the “wussy” talk. What is that all about anyway?